The Internet has come a long way since the World Wide Web (WWW) appeared on the scene in 1993. Researcher Tim Berners-Lee set out to demonstrate to the world that the Internet was a user-friendly environment and online e-commerce businesses have taken that objective to the next level with the concept of promotional marketing. In the early days of the World Wide Web, the primary emphasis was on the development of programming languages such as HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language) as a platform to launch the availability of content and other information to WWW users around the world. Today, e-commerce companies are able to unleash the power of the Internet to attract potential customers around the world by combining promotional content with technical programming languages.

Promotional marketing incorporates the content strategy of planning the development, delivery and management of web and mobile content. It includes website copy, online articles, e-books, social media content, web videos, technical sales sheets and other forms of promotional marketing. The objective of promotional marketing includes a strategy to attract the attention of current and future customers. Promotional marketing content rises above the competition of online content for the same product or service offered by other online companies. In the online world content is the preferred method of exchange offering information to the online customer that the same customer cannot obtain elsewhere. Content encourages new customers to return to the website and maintains the marketing relationship with older customers. Content should provide new information to all website visitors that will encourage them to return often. A company offering these repeated website visits should produce the desired goal of more sales for a given product or service.

Promotional article marketing is one way to encourage increased website traffic without spending large sums of money on other marketing techniques. Newspaper and magazine advertising can be expensive. Spending more time writing and posting several articles each month helps keep advertising costs low and the monthly business budget in the black. Article marketing is an effective way to brand a business by drawing attention to an online business and making that business a household name simply by spending a few hours producing articles that will enhance the online presence of any business. Article marketing creates back links to a company website in order to raise search engine rankings and create more exposure and visibility for the available services and products. Article marketing is a successful technique to build strong relationships with current and future customers with a guarantee that these customers will return for more product and service information that will result in increased sales.

Article marketing benefits e-commerce businesses by establishing the business as an industry expert, increasing page rank using back links and increasing website traffic through URL clicks. The Internet has come a long way from the early days of the first appearance of the World Wide Web in 1993. The e-commerce industry has grown with affordable promotional marketing articles that engages the website visitor and encourages the customer to consider online purchases that they might otherwise have ignored.

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