As soon as people begin visiting your newly established web design, opinions and judgements will be formed about your brand, even if you have put no thought to your brand identity during the development process. It is important, therefore, that some effort be made to create a successful brand identity for your business that is typified by your website design.

A successful brand identity, and by extension a successful web design, is one that sends clear and concise messages to the selected audience and generally creates an aura of desirability for the brand. So how do you go about creating a web page design with a unique and successful brand identity?

Creating a unique and attractive logo for your brand is probably the most essential step to creating a distinctive identity that will resonate through your web design and into regular use. Logos act as the strongest visual element connected to a brand, even on image saturated website designs. This is because logos are not merely decorative features but are symbolic for the brand in its entirety. Because logos use visual design elements such as colour, shape, texture and typography, they are instrumental in subtly influencing the viewer of the web design emotionally while conveying messages about the respectability, creativity or luxury status of the brand.

Creating an effective identity for your brand through web design doesn’t end at creating an attractive logo. In fact, it shouldn’t even begin with the creation of a logo, but rather an honest evaluation of the business in its current state. This stage of brand development should include identifying the target audience, researching competitors and analysing the history of the business. Collecting and analysing this information is advantageous to building a better web page design: one that appeals to the right people and avoids generic design for a true representation of a business.

A useful practice in improving the branding of your web design is to survey how it is generally perceived by your targeted audience. The response your viewers give you should give a clear indication of the direction you should take in redeveloping your brand identity. If your viewers say your branding is boring, outdated, unprofessional or unappealing, then you may need to completely rethink your website design. Feedback on specific areas of your website design can guide how you should optimise your branding to appeal to your target audience.

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