Social media

Using Consumer Generated Media (CGM) and Social Networking platforms such as blogs, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter – Social Media Marketing allows you to spread your branded message to the world.
For the best results, Quirk encourages direct interaction between the many various Social Media platforms. Brands and consumers can communicate in an open, honest and personal arena, which strengthens your company’s presence online and drives traffic to your website. Mediocre engagement doesn’t breed success – Social Media is about capturing your markets attention and interest and softly utilising it to maximum value.

Why Should you Care?

Online media allows for direct feedback, making finding your audience is much easier. Getting their location and demographic right is vital and they are all on social networking sites. Are you maximising on engagement, or simply shooting the breeze?

Just How Does Quirk Use Social Media Marketing To Get Results?

It’s consumer-centric – As you can interact with your consumers, you are able to understand them better while drastically improving your reputation.
It’s trackable – Knowing who is viewing your profile and why, allows your strategies to be even more targeted and effective.
It’s ongoing – Once you have set up a profile, you can experiment with what works and what doesn’t, and ultimately expand the campaign to increase web presence and transparency.
It’s adaptable – A Social Media campaign can be used in conjunction with other marketing efforts, even offline ones, to ensure a holistic approach that guarantees maximum ROI.