Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing offers an exceptional mechanism to create and build client relationships and better understand your audience. It is a cost effective, easy way to communicate, and allows for targeted communications that can be delivered in a timely, relevant manner whilst tracked in real-time.

Email marketing has become a preferred method of receiving information, so it can be used for more than simply sending out e-newsletters and campaigns. It can help automate and simplify many of your customer interactions through triggered messaging based on specific events, behaviour or preferences. This can help take the load off your call centre.

Email marketing allows you to:

  • Build stronger relations and loyalty with your customers
  • Keep your brand in the mind of customers and prospects
  • Execute last minute campaigns to stay ahead of competitors
  • Distribute information quickly
  • Grow your database
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Increase your sales conversion
  • Support sales via other channels
  • Collect useful data and feedback
  • Reach thousands of customers/prospects in minutes
  • Send targeted communications
  • Trigger communications based on preferences or events